Sunday, October 12, 2014


The first ZIA I posted here (which I thought was actually a Zentangle at the time) contained the following pattern. Here are the step outs as well as a new tile I created. I have named the pattern Jewellep (jool-lepp).

I spent a fair amount of time listening to Brian and Jenn Johnson while creating this tile. The song I listened to most is titled, "Where You Go I Go," so I named my tile accordingly.

 "Where You Go I Go"
I started this tile yesterday morning, then had to stop and finish it later in the day. That's when I was REALLY listening to the music and focusing deeply on the lyrics and the spirit of the song along with my pen strokes. I was having a hard time dealing with something someone had told me. I found that by the time I had finished I felt a TON better with a whole new positive perspective! It was great. I truly love this art form, music, and my God. They all  feed my soul and when they are all combined, life can't help but feel fantastic. :) I love all the words of the song, Where You Go I Go, but I think what struck me the most yesterday was the following.

"How could I expect to walk without You
When every move that Jesus made was in surrender
I will not begin to live without You"

If you're a Christian and believe in Jesus it is a no-brainer that his entire life was about surrender, and while I've always viewed the crucifixion as such, I guess it hasn't occurred to me that the rest of his life was about surrender. But it's true! And if, as Christians, we are called to be like him, then the whole concept of surrendering to God makes so much more sense... just my thoughts born out of this experience.

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